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  Chairman addresses IIT-B FAN PD in USA
  Oct 10, 2015

Faculty Alumni Network (FAN) is a US network of IIT Bombay (IIT-B) Alumni with backgrounds as Researchers, University Faculty & Administrators. FAN conducted a symposium on "Advanced Manufacturing" in Santa Clara, CA, USA on Oct 10, 2015 which was attended by eminent speakers from Industry, Academia & IIT-B. The day's event focussed on separate sessions on Aerospace & Defence, Electronics and Bio-Engineering.

The Electronics session featured a Panel Discussion (PD) on "The Right Electronics Manufacturing Strategy for India" in which our Chairman Mr. Ar Rm Arun addressed the symposium. Mr. Arun shared our experience of successfully running a world class Semiconductor Packaging facility in India and Natronix's expansion plans for venturing into Advanced Semiconductor Packaging and Package IP.

The PD also featured the challenges faced and steps taken to address this. Mr. Arun provided suggestions on how IIT-B can make a significant difference working with Semiconductor Companies like Natronix-SPEL, especially in Technology Development for Electronics Manufacturing.

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